Productivity Coaching - Maria Eriksson
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Productivity Coaching

Spending your holiday doing nothing on the beach is a really productive holiday. Productivity is being able to do what you have set out to do.

How about making 2016 your most productive yet? How about making this year about making the most out of your work and free time. To focus on the stuff that matters.
In the Productivity Coaching we focus on removing obstacles, energy thieves and adding healthy habits. My job is to hold you accountable to achieve the goals you want to achieve, to help you stay focused and to be a forceful source of support and advice.
I take a holistic approach to productivity, after all, your life is influenced by all parts of it, including health and relationships.

I have spent the last 12 years living and working all over the world. The last 3 of these I’ve lived a nomadic life and I got really into productivity. I realised that the sooner I finish my work, the more time I can spend surfing in Bali, learning to skateboard in Barcelona or just hang out with a book in Thailand. So, I’ve become a productivity geek. I’ve read the books. I’ve implemented the techniques. I’ve understood that it’s more about mindset than tools. And that it’s more about change and implementing and maintaining habits than it is about finding the right email software. That being said, finding the right tools and software is part of it too, the crucial thing is to bring it to life in the right order.

I’m a certified coach and have a wide range of experiences, ranging from entrepreneurship, digital matters (strategic and tactical) and health.

The program has a structure and a framework, but more importantly, it’s adapted and adjusted to fit your needs.

Inventory and goal setting.
Before we get started with our weekly calls you will answer some questions to help us get going and to get a clear picture of what you want.
During the four sessions we will go through your current patterns, identifying goals and define our plan. We will also start the remove and make space. It’s where you will really practice how to say no. The first month is the most intense, we will try out different tools, mindsets, techniques, experimenting and testing. We’re aiming to find what works for you. We’re trying to make a couple of radical shifts, and plenty of small ones.

Adding and Maintaining Habits
We have two bi-weekly session calls that will focus on adding and maintaining new habits, evaluating and adjusting. The goal is to focus on the 21 day change habit journey you are going through.

We stay in touch in between calls to make sure you stay motivated and inspired. This is often the toughest month where the resistance is strong and the urge to go back into old habits feels present. The good news is, change is possible!

Creating lasting change
Our bi-weekly calls are focused on really adjusting and refining your productivity. We will top up with additional habits as well as removing old ones. The key focus during the 3rd month is to create lasting change. The adjustments we make in your routines are there in order to help you stay focused.
John C Maxwell

Productivity starts with habits and mindsets rather than tools. That is why we start the program by looking at your big goals, your habits, the relationship you have with resistance and procrastination.

I take on  only a handful of clients at a time, and I want it to be a match for both of us. If you’re interested, book in a 30 minute date with me below, if we’re a match we’ll go ahead with the coaching or I’ll let you know when the next opening is.

Prices are:
€230 per month
S$330 per month