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26 Oct Holacracy

Holacracy is my newest obsession, I find it extremely interesting that more and more companies choose to adapt this way of working. I would love to work with one, and to truly experience what it’s like from the inside.

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17 Oct The Future Of Management is Teal

This article put words on something that I’ve been thinking about, how the modern organisations are structured. I read the Starfish and the Spider a few years back, and it really impacted how I viewed organisational development. But this takes it to another level for me. The article is long, but definitely worth it. 

In a self-managing, purpose-driven organization, change can come from any person who senses that change is needed. This is how change has occurred in nature for millions of years. Innovation doesn’t happen centrally, according to plan, but at the edges, when some organism senses a change in the environment and experiments to find an appropriate response. Some attempts fail to catch on; others rapidly spread to all corners of the ecosystem.



I would love to experience a teal organisation first hand, I have worked in Green & Orange, and I can sense the Teal in some situations, but never to the full extent.

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I love how this blog posts boils down so many complex things into one very simple rule:

I really, really think the secret to being loved is to love. And the secret to being interesting is to be interested.  And the secret to having a friend is being a friend.

Why don’t we want to believe that? We insist that we need to be the smartest kitten or the most interesting kitten or the most successful kitten or the most beautiful kitten to get people’s attention. But maybe we don’t. Maybe we just have to show a little interest . Maybe the surest way to be liked by people is simply to like people.

But that’s a risk right? To openly like someone? To admit to someone: I like you. I’d like to spend time with you today. It’s to risk rejection. It’s vulnerability. It’s brave.

– See more (and get how the kittens fit in) here


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18 Sep Piggybacking & asking for help

I’ve been thinking about the importance of asking for help, and asking for support. It’s hard for me and a lot of my clients, on many different levels of our lives.

When I stumbled across this blog post I LOLed, when even animals are doing it, so why don’t I? It’s the most natural thing in the world. In fact, I will reach out to my former colleagues straight away to ask them for advice.

Who will you ask for support?




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