About Maria Eriksson - Maria Eriksson
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About Maria Eriksson

Hey there,

My background is diverse and perhaps a bit weird. Growing up on a farm in Sweden I spent most of my time running around barefoot. Since then I’ve managed to run a nightclub, coached plenty of people and held 80 or so courses. And I’ve lived all over the world.


I’m not a big fan of categorising, I believe in working with people who share the same values and goals and I trust that my collaborators  and I will find the roles we need to achieve what we want. So I don’t put a label on what I do. My past roles have been high and low, strategic and tactical, I thrive when I’m in a new position, learning new things.


So, putting together this page was a bit tricky for me. I’ve chosen to share a few things, if any of them stand out to you, if you’d like to know more about me or anything else, just let me know and we can explore our ways of collaborating!

What I work with?
-Lots of things

Right now, that means things like:

  • Coaching clients who want to design their lives to suit their wants and wishes.
  • Facilitate for Hyper Island, an educational company dubbed the Digital Harvard
  • I consult for Propellerfish, an Innovation Agency based out of Singapore.
  • Have lots of opinions as a member of Danone’s Digital Advisory Board.
  • Marketing & Business Development for Martinsson King, a haircare product startup
  • Advising, coaching and talent management at Lead, an Experience Design Network Agency.
  • Running Leadership Programmes for The Running Charity (and potentially others!)

Skills & Expertise

Where I am?
-All over!

Over the last few years I have managed to live and work in quite a few places, you can see them here. The little yellow lady is placed on locations I have considered home. The flash shows places where I’ve spent more or less time working. Most of them are places I travelled to for Hyper Island.

When I write this, and when I look back at my experiences I try to find a red thread. I realise that the thread is growth. Growth for companies, teams, individuals, leaders and myself.

I would love to work with your growth as well, or just have a chat about life or productivity or other fun things.


Contact me!